Security and Privacy

Data encryption and GDPR compliance is only the start. When it comes to ensuring our customers and their customers security and preserving their privacy, our approach is comprehensive and unrelenting, and we strive to put you in control of your own data.

What’s at stake

As more and more connected devices are brought online and expose data, there is more and more potential for compromising our security and privacy. For example, smart meters are empowering homeowners to save energy, but energy-usage data can reveal details about our comings and goings and our private habits. Security and privacy come at a cost, a cost that is all too often neglected by companies facing tight budgets and tight timeframes. But with Seluxit, you don’t need to compromise, as security and privacy are built into every aspect in our proven method for getting our customers’ connected products into the market.

Comprehensive Measures

From developing tamper-proof hardware to the secure sending, reading, storing and acting on data, Seluxit’s dedication to ensuring security and privacy is comprehensive. Every potential point of entry is considered and protected in accordance with the need.

Seluxit uses a proven palette of vetted standard encryption algorithms and key exchange methods to ensure the secure transfer of data across a range of wireless communication protocols, oftentimes from memory-constrained devices. Measures such as redundancy, separation and anonymization of data ensure the secure storage of data. The physical point of origin of the data also needs to be secured, preventing unauthorized code to be executed. Moreover, what happens to the data once it is read is also of concern. That’s why Seluxit takes pains to ensure tools for fine-grain management of trust relationships and rights between different actors in IoT systems, be the actors’ devices or humans. Seluxit strives to empower its users not only to manage their data but also to control their data.

Seluxit’s Credentials

Seluxit handles the certification of their customers’ products with such certification authorities as TÜV Nord and Cetecom. Seluxit’s solutions are GDPR compliant by design, and also uphold national and industry schemes, notably as is the case for Seluxit’s work with residential smart meters in Germany, under the close watch of the German Federal Office for Information Security*.