We are very pleased to announce that one of our largest customers in the Smart Home segment has chosen to extend the agreement with Seluxit by 3 years.

Read the press release here.

Seluxit presents an annual report, demonstrating the ability to deliver on revenue and result - while creating an interesting pipeline of products for future growth.

CEO Daniel Lux:

“Some of the results which our dedicated staff and great partners have created and which I would like to highlight are:

The goal for 2019/20 was to create business visibility in the market, grow our business and develop new valuable IoT solutions to the market. We have achieved these goals.”

Read the press release here.

Seluxit’s smart-meter products are out of the ordinary. The German trade press has picked up on that.

Seluxit helps get energy-usage data directly into the hands of household residents, so they can truly participate in the “Energiewende,” the energy transition to a greener future, which among other aspects requires that we all optimize our energy usage.

Seluxit smart-meter products send the data from basic residential energy meters (moderne Messeinrichtungen or mME) to the cloud. Seluxit’s cloud technology supports a multitude of innovative uses for energy data, such as using data for alarm systems or elderly care.

Check out the feature article (in German) in 50,2, the magazine for intelligent electricity grids.

Seluxit friends and associates are invited to our open house in Aalborg.

Friday the 4 September we’re opening our doors from 12:00 - 16:00 to show our new office.

It’s a drop-in event, but please R.S.V.P. by Wednesday the 2 September.

Here’s your invitation.

What’s going on at Seluxit? Proinvestors Helge Larsen spoke with Seluxit CEO, Daniel Lux, for an update.

Make it matter, make it easy, and make many. This mantra is the core of Seluxit’s strategy.

Daniel elaborated as a guest of prominent investor Helge Larsen, editor of Provinvestor homepage and author of the book ‘Den tålmodige investor’ (the Patient Investor).

Hear the interview here (YouTube, Danish language)

Seluxit will present the Danish Heart Foundation a check for 500.000 DKK at this year's Heart Gala live on TV2 Charlie Saturday the 22 August.

In July, Seluxit together with Telenor and the Danish Heart Foundation launched a project to monitor AEDs across Denmark to make sure they are ready and working at all times.

“A project that can save lives is enormously motivating. That is why we are happy to be able to support the Heart Foundation both with a donation and with a solution that creates security and stands to save lives, ”says Daniel Lux, CEO of Seluxit.

For more information, read the press release (in Danish).

What makes Seluxit stand out from the crowd? Seluxit CEO, Daniel Lux, was invited into the studio of the popular investment podcast, Millionærklubben, to give listeners insight into Seluxit's recipe for success.

During the podcast, Daniel spoke on a range of topics, including the experience of doing an IPO, Seluxit’s history, and Seluxit’s current state-of-affairs and roadmap for the future.

You can listen to the podcast with Daniel here on Millionærklubbens website.

Today the first Danish AEDs will be connected to the Internet, making it possible to monitor each AED 24/7, thereby ensuring that they function when they are needed.

"Because we have both an optical and acoustic monitoring, we minimize the risk for false alarms due to, for example, noise in the environment. By monitoring the AED itself, instead of just the cabinet, not only can se see if the AED is functioning, we can also precisely predict when the AED needs a service check," explains Daniel Lux, Seluxit CEO.

Read the press release (in Danish) for more information.

Seluxit CEO, Daniel Lux, has been nominated for PWC Denmark’s Owner-Manager Award 2020.

The award celebrates Danish owner-managers’ entrepreneurship and business savvy in a year where the COVID-19 crisis presented challenges far beyond the ordinary.

Seluxit has been working on a range of innovative projects, from smart meters to smart AED monitoring to smart lawn mowers. Seluxit is contributing to the CURA project, an international effort transforming shipping containers into intensive-care units.

For the CURA project, Seluxit’s technology will monitor conditions in the intensive-care units. Anomalies in electricity usage can mean faulty equipment, high CO2 levels can adversely affect staff and patients alike, nuances in air pressure can mean that it’s time to replace an air filter, or even that the bio-containment technology has been compromised. Ensuring that the CURA pods are working as intended then frees up staff resources to do what counts: take care of patients.

PWC Denmark’s Owner-Leader Award 2020 is arranged in collaboration with Nykredit Business, the Danish Chamber of Commerce and the newspaper JP Finans. The winner will be announced on the 28 of October.

How much data is enough data for your IoT application?

IoT data is valuable. But acquiring, processing, transmitting and storing data also has a cost. To build a solid IoT business case, you need to determine how much data is enough. In other words, you need to determine your data resolution.

Most are familiar with image resolution and pixelation. Consider this low-resolution image.

iot data resolution step1

There’s not a lot of information here. In fact it’s quite impossible to tell what you’re looking at without any context. Let’s say I told you it was a building. While you might not be able to tell me what building you’re looking at, you might rightly conclude that the weather is nice and the sky is blue. If that’s all you’re trying to achieve, you have enough and maybe even more than you need.

Consider this second image of the same motif, this time at a medium resolution.

iot data resolution step1

Most will be able to recognize this building as the White House in Washington D.C. If that’s your goal, you’re all set, but you might need more information.

Finally, consider this relatively high-resolution image.

iot data resolution step1

Here, you’ll notice a man wearing a red tie on the balcony. Even if you can’t make out the facial features, the red tie is a giveaway to his identity for most people. Of course, given the right equipment and stored properly, the resolution could be even higher.

Resolution of a picture isn’t all that different from resolution for other kinds of data. The more data you have, the better visibility you have. Consider this picture of energy usage in a house.

iot data resolution house

You can clearly see when the house is inhabited and when it is not, and you could even do so at a lower data resolution. But at the resolution in this picture, you can also see a lot more. You can see when the dishwasher is running and when the refrigerator door has been opened. At even higher resolutions, it is even possible to see when you’re charging your phone.

Maybe you’re using product data to learn how your customers use your products, or even using it as the basis for pay-for-use business models. Maybe you’re using condition monitoring of your process line to perform predictive maintenance. No matter the case, determining how much data is enough data, your data resolution, is an essential part of your cost / benefit analysis.

So what considerations do you need to make? Contact Seluxit at iotvalue@seluxit.com to get help determining what IoT data resolution is right in your case.

Here’s recent television coverage of Seluxit’s involvement in the life-saving CURA project.

cura seluxit tv2 nord

CURA is transforming shipping containers into intensive-care units. Seluxit, in partnership with Onomondo, will contribute technology to make sure the CURA pod intensive-care units are working properly.

TV2 Nord stopped by to cover the story recently, which has also recently been covered by JP Finans (Danish).

Seluxit together with Onomondo are putting their technology to work to fight COVID-19 through the open-source CURA project.

The CURA project is transforming shipping containers into intensive-care units. Seluxit and Onomondo are collecting data from the so-called CURA pods to make sure the pods’ biocontainment technology is working properly.

The story was covered by JP Finans (danish).

Read the full press release here:

Now, you too can go from sensor to dashboard in 10 minutes. Our new webshop has just launched, featuring SLX Porcupine and our IoT Rapid Prototyping tools.

The webshop launch marks the product release of SLX Porcupine as well as a series of plug-and-play sensors and actuators that automatically connect to the internet through Viasens by Seluxit: our cloud-based, secure IoT infrastructure.

Read the full press release here:

Despite the world’s uncertain and dire economic situation, Seluxit is on track for the short term and optimistic about the long term.

But although Seluxit expects to be on track for the current 2019/2020 fiscal year, uncertainty in the future means that Seluxit is suspending earlier financial projections made in conjunction with our IPO.

Read the press release here.

Read the article in Nordjyske (Danish language) here.

We’ve just published a video showcasing our IoT Rapid Prototyping tools.

We’ve received a lot of interest from our post last week announcing the pre-release of the Seluxit Porcupine IoT Rapid Prototyping climate kit. Now, there’s a webpage and video showing how to use the kit at seluxit.com/porcupinesetup

The official release is slated for 1 May, 2020. If you're interested in obtaining an IoT Rapid Prototyping climate kit for yourself, write to iotvalue@seluxit.com.

This is the Seluxit Porcupine IoT Rapid Prototyping climate kit.

In less than 10 minutes, you can start collecting environmental data and work with it in Seluxit’s cloud, visualize your data in tables and graphs, and create sophisticated, intelligent applications using the Seluxit development framework.

The package includes a Seluxit Porcupine mini computer, a Seluxit universal connector hat, connectors, a power-supply unit and five different sensors and actuators. There’s a LED button, buzzer, relay as well as a barometer and CO2 sensor, both with temperature and humidity sensors.

We’re sending the first Seluxit Porcupine climate kit out today. The official release is slated for 1 May, 2020. If you’re interested in getting your hands on it, write to iotvalue@seluxit.com and let us know.

Seluxit is showing corporate social responsibility by following the recommendations given by the government.

We will organize ourselves in the best possible way to protect our employees, customers, partners and their families, with little or no impact on existing customer projects and our business in general.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contacting us by phone or email.

The press is responding positively to Seluxit’s recently published half-year report.

An article in today’s Electronic Supply highlights Seluxit’s significant increase in turnover in comparison with last year. The increase is linked to sales of radio modules (modems) for the German smart-meter market.

For Seluxit, everything is going according to plan, both the increased revenue and coinciding negative results. Seluxit CEO, Daniel Lux, emphasizes that organizational developments are also going according to plan, including new business deals such as a current project with the Danish Heart Association.

Read more about the half year report in this press release.

Business is booming and we’re outgrowing our office. Fortunately, we’ve already secured a new space from summer 2020.

In the summer of 2020 we’ll be moving from our current address to Sofiendalsvej 74. Both addresses are in Aalborg, the city we’ve called home since our founding in 2006.

Even though our business has for a long time had a broad European focus, we’ve always prioritized having a single, central office to build a strong core team. Now, as our company growth is accelerating, we continue this priority with the new office space.

Seluxit presents a half-year report, which shows a satisfactory result and maintains the expectations for the full financial year 2019/2020.

CEO Daniel Lux, Seluxit:

"The first half of the fiscal year 2019/2020 was characterized by high activity and significant strategic steps that support Seluxit's growth plans, including building a sales organization and further developing standard products.

Seluxit has experienced considerable activity in the Smart Meter segment, with a high turnover on radio modules for Smart Meters. Deployment of Smart Meter is ongoing, and we are experiencing high demand for high-tech products at competitive prices.

In April 2019, Jesper Frank was employed as Sales Director at Seluxit, with the responsibility of building a sales organization and expanding Seluxit's go to market strategy. We have started to see the effect already in the second half of 2019, where we have been in dialogue with many new potential customers and focused even more on communicating the value creation from Seluxit IoT solutions to our customers.

We have achieved a satisfactory result with a high turnover, which is influenced by our ability to meet the opportunity in the market. At the same time, we have continued to develop our platform and are in the process of further standardizing our products in order to improve time to market for our customers' products, as well as achieve economy of scale within our standard products.

Seluxit maintains the previously announced expectations for the 2019/20 financial year on a turnover of around DKK 20 million, and a profit before tax of between -7 and -6 million DKK. With this forecast Seluxit is expected to deliver sales growth of approx. 150% over 2 years, from the financial year 2017/18 to 2019/20."

Read the press release here.

LoRaWAN® has become a popular technology to send data over long distances, and is among the technologies that Seluxit knows well. The Things Conference is the world’s largest LoRaWAN® conference.

Sales Director, Jesper Frank, will hold a talk the 31 of january at 12:00 where he will explain how Seluxit creates value for our customers using LoRaWAN® technology, where data security is of great importance.

There are many business segments and use cases, where LoRaWAN® makes good sense. Among other examples, Jesper will highlight the product SLX Sparrow which is dedicated to the Smart Meter segment. LoRaWAN® can help producers of smart meters to automate meter reading while at the same time creating new business opportunities around customers' energy-usage data.

A collaboration has been announced earlier today between Seluxit, Telenor and the Danish Heart Foundation. The collaboration for monitoring heart-starters has the potential to save lives.

When an acute heart-failure situation arises, it is essential that heart starter devices (defibrillators) are functioning properly. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. The collaboration will see the deployment of IoT technology that will monitor the heart starters around the clock.

Read the press release for more information: in Danish on the Danish Heart Foundation's webpage or as an English translation.

Discussion is important, but mere consensus is just the tip of the disappearing iceberg. Real progress with climate change takes risk, action, and fresh business ideas.

Daniel Lux, Seluxit CEO, will be taking this message to an upcoming event held by the Danish Chamber of Commerce, inspiring the business community to dare to invest big with technology to combat climate change.

Seluxit knows what it takes to create value for ‘hidden champions’ — the market leader powerhouses that are nevertheless unknown outside their industries.

The Danish Foreign Ministry’s Innovation Centre Denmark in Munich has cited Seluxit as a prime example of a Danish company working well with German hidden champions in a recently published report now available on their website.

Working with hidden champions is highly demanding, but has high rewards. Like Seluxit, hidden champions know the importance of innovation in producing value for their customers.

The final details have just fallen into place for project AVES (Analysis and Visualization for Energy Savings).

The two-year project will be conducted in cooperation with Aalborg University’s Department of Energy Technology and Systemize ApS, a company focused energy optimization consultancy.

AVES addresses the challenge that industrial production sites often lack the data registration that forms the basis for finding and realizing energy savings. AVES aims at developing a standardized market offering of a retrofitted sensor kit with supporting software that will give businesses actionable insights, such as:

The goal is to optimize energy consumption per unit manufactured on a given production line. A major feature of the project will be a pilot deployment in close collaboration with a company to be chosen during the project duration.

The financing of AVES is the ETI project, offered by the energy cluster CLEAN. ETI stands for “Energy Technology Innovation” and is dedicated to helping small and medium-sized companies to develop energy-optimization solutions and products. The funding has its origin from the European Union’s Regional Development Fund administered by the Danish Business Authority (Erhvervsstyrelsen) in collaboration with CLEAN. Further information about the funding framework can be found at CLEAN's website and Dansh Business Authority's website.

More info (company announcement no. 16)

Keeping track of your own goods can be a complicated process. Keeping track of the world’s goods as they cross your borders is an entirely different ball game.

Seluxit CEO, Daniel Lux, will be showcasing Seluxit’s Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon this week at the L’ODASCE Colloque Douanier Européen. The ODASCE European Customs Symposium is the meeting place for customs professionals and this year the buzzing topic is traceability.

At container terminals, these beacon systems can significantly reduce down time. Combined with blockchain technology, they can also control the flow of goods both crossing borders and in transit by facilitating risk-based controls. This both improves compliance and trade facilitation between state authorities and trustworthy economic operators.

Imagine receiving a message in your inbox with a prioritized list telling you exactly which machines in your production line need maintenance with a suggested course of action for each machine. You’d be able to keep your operations smooth and avoid costly breakdowns.

Learn more by looking at the video below and contact sales@seluxit.com to inquiries.

Seluxit supports the realization of its growth ambitions, with yet another million-size order of IoT technology to a Smart Meter Manufacturer in Germany.

CEO, Daniel Lux:

“The roll-out of Smart Meters in the German market is proceeding according to plan and we are pleased to receive another million-size order from one of the large manufacturers of Smart Meters in Germany. We are working hard to be a preferred supplier of IoT technology with high security standards, to Smart Meter Manufacturers in the German market. In the coming year, we will use the good references to offer both additional Smart Meter solutions and to expand the customer portfolio.”

Company Announcement no. 13

The Internet of Things is changing the way we live. By connecting physical products to the Internet, one can make devices smarter, optimize resources, improve processes and create new business opportunities.

But how can we best prepare the younger generation to tackle the possibilities the future will bring?

Seluxit has a qualified answer, and that’s why we’re participating in Videnskabsmødet. Videnskabsmødet (science meeting) is a free and open gathering where various scientific topics are presented to the general public, to help facilitate dialogue about the role of science in our society.

Seluxit will be showcasing our IoT solutions in the main hall of Nordkraft in Aalborg Friday and Saturday the 11 and 12 of October. In addition, our in-house Philosopher, Jakob Thrane Mainz will be participating in a talk on data ethics Friday the 11 of October. See Videnskabsmødets website for more information.

seluxit videnskabsmødet data ethics aau jakob mainz

Is European’s privacy respected outside of Europe?

Seluxit’s Jakob Mainz, Industrial PhD, Philosophy, has just been published in the Danish Newspaper, Jyllands Posten, with an op-ed piece on the recent ruling on the GDPR “right to be forgotten.”

google gdrp americans right to be forgotten seluxit

We need products that help us reduce our CO2 footprint. Where are these products?

With demand in the market there is business opportunity, with the right technology and business model, we can disrupt climate change.

Seluxit CEO, Daniel Lux, has recently written the first in a series of articles on medium.com about how we can disrupt climate change.

seluxit dansk erhverv brian mikkelsen

Seluxit’s growing influence has been recently expanded through official member of the Danish Chamber of Commerce.

Seluxit thereby solidifies a long-standing relationship to the organization, which includes many of the most important companies in Denmark. In addition to gaining political influence, where the Chamber of Commerce promotes their members’ interests, Seluxit also gains access to a wealth of relevant resources.

Seluxit looks forward to engaging the organization with our perspective on the future of business in Denmark.

seluxit dansk erhverv brian mikkelsen

We are looking forward to welcoming our shareholders the 22 October 2019 to our first General Assembly as a listed company.

All shareholders are welcome, but registration is required. You can find the link to register, as well as a series of relevant documents, on our website at seluxit.com/investors/gf/

seluxit general assembly 2019

Seluxit presents an annual report showing a significant revenue growth compared to 2017/18, and a year which was strongly influenced by listing on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market in November 2018.

CEO Daniel Lux:

“2018/19 has been one of the most exciting years in Seluxit's history. We are very pleased with both the financial and operational results. Some of the results we have created with our dedicated staff and great partners are:

The goal for 2018/19 was to create business visibility in the market and raise capital for the continued development of the technological IoT platform and to grow the business. We wanted more focused marketing and the establishment of a sales organization, as well as introducing our solutions to a wider customer base. These ambitious goals have been realised.”

Read the press release here.

Seluxit has just been approved as an ETSI member.

ETSI is the standardization organization behind 5G, LTE and a host of other telecommunications standards.

At Seluxit, we are experts in wireless communication and have specified several wireless communication protocols. That’s why we’re confident that we can make significant contributions, as the process of standardization requires input from companies that use technologies in the field.

seluxit etsi member

Seluxit is gearing up to meet investors up-close and personal at an evening full of networking, information and inspiration.

The Nordic Rise Launch Party, to be held at Teglværket in Copenhagen, Thursday the 26 September from 17:30 - 21:00, is a free event celebrating the launch of Nordic Rise, a website dedicated to informing the investment community about developments at 10 publicly-traded, Danish growth companies.

We’re excited to be a part of the Nordic Rise family and we’re looking forward to sharing in person some recent and exciting developments.

Is your IoT device violating your right to privacy?

It might be hard for you to answer that question. Even worse, it might be hard for a company that produced internet-connected products to answer that question.

But at Seluxit, we feel that it’s important to answer questions related to data ethics. That’s why Seluxit has engaged an in-house philosopher, Jakob Thrane Mainz, to help clarify. We have now published the second in a series of principles about data ethics, this time focusing on data privacy.

seluxit second principle of data ethics

Seluxit CEO, Daniel Lux, will explain how IoT can help an organization’s business development at the Business Models & Tech Summer Summit organized by Force Technologies and coinciding with the Food Festival in Århus, Denmark.

The closed event will be held on the 6 of September 2019 and will be attended by many of Denmark’s leading companies.

seluxit food fair business models århus force technologies

Seluxit is being represented by the Danish Foreign Ministry in Goyang, South Korea for the World Smart City Expo from the 4-6 of September 2019.

The initiative is part of the “Urban Solutions Innovation Camp” organized by the Innovation Center Denmark (ICDK) Seoul, for which Seluxit has been selected to receive support. Seluxit’s involvement in Korea reflects our continued interest in the Asian markets.

seluxit south korea smart city asia expo

There’s a lot of talk about CO2, but the talk is not very concrete, nor is it optimistic. But there is hope and we need to act.

Seluxit CEO, Daniel Lux, in collaboration with Kontinent Film, has recently launched an initiative to give us the clarity on the situation and how we can take action, no matter if we’re a politician, or in the general populace, or an influential member of the business community.

The first of 5 films has just been released, and more are to be published. Visit this YouTube channel and watch the films.

seluxit børsforum

Seluxit CEO, Daniel Lux, will be weighing in on Danish investment culture at an upcoming Nasdaq Copenhagen event with a group of influential business leaders, including notably Brian Mikkelsen, CEO of the Danish Chamber of Commerce and Minister of Trade.

The event will take place on the 12th of September, 2019 in Copenhagen and tackle the question of how danish investment culture can be strengthened for the benefit of individual investors in particular as well as danish business life in general.

seluxit børsforum

Daniel Lux, Seluxit CEO, will share his expertise on cyber-security threats and secure solution architecture at the Homeland Security Conference in Fredericia the 29 of August organized by CENSEC.

The Homeland Security Conference brings together leading experts and professionals in the cyber-security community to address challenges and business opportunities in the security industry.

The conference coincides with the Danish Security Fair, focused primarily on physical security solutions.

seluxit fredericia security fair

Seluxit is happy to welcome ICT business leaders from northern Denmark as it hosts the quarterly ICT Industry Association Network meeting.

The network meeting, to be held on the 28 of August, has the purpose of engaging network members in ongoing work being performed to positively influence developments in the ICT branch. About 30 ICT business leaders will be present.

it branchen seluxit jylland

Semtech’s LoRa® devices have been integrated in efficient smart-metering solutions developed by Seluxit.

In a joint press release from 9 of August, 2019, Seluxit and Semtech announced the fruitful collaboration on the MeDa smart-metering solution. The press release can be seen here: Semtech Press Releases.

The announcement highlights the virtues and versatility of LoRa technology for Seluxit’s solution which allows end-users to get insight into their energy consumption patterns, ultimately reducing energy waste and saving them money.

semtech screenshot

Seluxit continues its growth plans with another order for delivery of IoT technology to a Smart Meter manufacturer in Germany.

Seluxit collaborates with several large Smart Meter manufacturers in Germany. One of these manufacturers has just placed another order. The size of this order is approx. DKK 3 million, which is expected to be delivered in autumn 2019.

Company Announcement no. 10

There turns out to be plenty to do for a philosopher working in an IoT company.

In the third and final in a series of articles on the subject of how Seluxit is tackling the issues of data ethics, IT Watch profiles Seluxit’s in-house philosopher, Jakob Thrane Mainz.

When it comes to taking ethical responsibility for connected devices, figuring out the right thing to do isn’t always easy. Follow the emerging results of Jakob’s work at seluxit.com/dataethics/

seluxit itwatch areticle 3

IT Watch articles about Seluxit and data ethics (in Danish).

Nordjysk tech-selskab har ansat filosof for at sikre nyt forretningsområde

Dansk it-selskab: Politisk fokus på dataetik er ikke tilstrækkeligt

Jakob er filosof og arbejder i et tech-selskab: “Der er virkelig meget at rive i”

Is it the politicians and authorities that have to take responsibility for ensuring good data ethics, or is the task located at the companies? In North Jutland Seluxit, takes up this case on.

Recently, there has been a great political focus on data ethics, which is a topic that takes up a lot both in Denmark and the rest of the world. When the then government in March presented its artificial intelligence strategy , data ethics was the main title , and in April, the members of a new Data Council were appointed.

And what is Seluxit's take on the matter? Read the full article (in Danish) here at ITWATCH.

seluxit itwatch areticle 1

IT Watch articles about Seluxit and data ethics (in Danish).

Nordjysk tech-selskab har ansat filosof for at sikre nyt forretningsområde

Dansk it-selskab: Politisk fokus på dataetik er ikke tilstrækkeligt

Jakob er filosof og arbejder i et tech-selskab: “Der er virkelig meget at rive i”

Nordjyske Seluxit has chosen to work alternatively to differentiate itself on the long run.

At the North Jutland IT company Seluxit, which makes IoT solutions and is listed on Nasdaq First North, have chosen to invest heavily in data ethics, and in the autumn, the company therefore employed a philosopher to lead a new data ethical project. Read the full article (in Danish) here at ITWATCH.

seluxit itwatch areticle 1

IT Watch articles about Seluxit and data ethics (in Danish).

Nordjysk tech-selskab har ansat filosof for at sikre nyt forretningsområde

Dansk it-selskab: Politisk fokus på dataetik er ikke tilstrækkeligt

Jakob er filosof og arbejder i et tech-selskab: “Der er virkelig meget at rive i”

Seluxit increases its expectations for the turnover and result for the financial year 2018/2019.

In connection with the preparation of the annual report for 2018/19 Seluxit A/S has decided to increase the expectations for the financial result of the fiscal year 2018/19, compared to the previously announced expectations in the company description (“Virksomhedsbeskrivelse”). Seluxit expects revenue to increase by up to 50% from the budgeted 12 million DKK to between 17 and 18 million DKK. Seluxit expects profit before tax to improve by up to almost 1 million DKK, from the expected -6,4 million DKK to between -5,5 and -6,0 million DKK.

Company Announcement no. 9

We would like to encourage our investors to contribute to Seluxits continued growth by spreading the message to friends and business contacts, that could have a need to integrate IoT in their products or business. Several investors have already given us potential contacts, with whom we are in dialogue.

That’s why we’ve made a tips form on our website as well as produced an A4 sheet, which describes the value which seluxit can create for companies through implementing IoT.

Seluxit IoT solutions help companies optimize processes, resources and also creates new revenue streams. Help us spread the message.

seluxit investor tips

The companies that make connected products need to take ethical responsibility for the products they develop and the way they process data.

But what is ethically responsible is not always clear cut. That’s why Seluxit, together with Aalborg University, has hired an Industrial PhD student in the field of Philosophy, with a focus on Ethics.

Jakob Thrane Mainz was hired in September 2018 for a three-year period with the task of tackling the ethical questions regarding product data head on. From the 1 July, 2019, Seluxit will begin to publish some of the results of Jakob’s ongoing work on our website at seluxit.com/dataethics. The content will include a series of articles called “the principles of data ethics” that should guide Seluxit, as well as Seluxit’s customers, as they collaborate on creating Internet-connected products.

Geography and weather can cause CO2 domes. But how big is the problem? Seluxit CEO, Daniel Lux, addresses the topic of CO2 domes in a recently published article on medium.com.

CO2 domes are areas of high CO2 concentration. In order to gauge the size of the problem of CO2 domes, we simply need to measure more. But surprisingly, we don’t have a tradition for doing so, despite that there are social and business benefits from doing so.

Seluxit is in Århus this week for IoT Week in a joint stand with Aahus University’s SmartHome project.

The theme of our stand is “You Will Create the Smarthome of the Future” and we’re using the opportunity to highlight our rapid IoT prototyping tools. We use these tools ourselves to help ensure our customers quick time-to-market. But our tools are also available for developers-at-large to make creative, personalized smarthome solution with hardware like Raspberry Pi’s and Arduinos. Developers can also share or sell their creative solutions to others, and in that way the less technically inclined can benefit from these great ideas and solutions.

The exhibition is open to the general public and we’re particularly delighted to receive curious schoolchildren at our stand, where the “Love Potion Maker” is a particular favorite.

Read more about the creative demos we’re showing on our IoT Week showcase page.

Seluxit is one of the exclusive 10 featured companies by Nordic Rise, an exciting new initiative featuring publicly-traded growth companies.

Nordic Rise has been spearheaded by “invest chick” Sarah Ophelia Møss, in partnership with Nasdaq, Nordnet and Spotlight Stock Market. Nordic Rise serves as a portal to help investors keep themselves informed of exciting developments at these fast-moving companies.

Geneva, Bilbao and now Århus… IoT Week is coming to Denmark from the 17-21 of June, and Seluxit will be there.

IoT Week is an annual conference that addresses the technological, business and societal aspects of IoT. IoT Week is organized by IoT Forum. The event coincides with the Global IoT Summit, supported by the IEEE, with a focus on cutting-edge research results.

The event also features an exhibition that is open to the public, where Seluxit will exhibit together with Aarhus University, based on our participation in the “Smart Home” project. The exhibition will give Seluxit prominent placement to present our view on Smart Home as well as IoT in a broader perspective.

On the 18 of June, Seluxit CEO, Daniel Lux, will give a talk at the opening event for the Technological Institute’s DataEnergyLab-IoT.

DataEnergyLab-IoT is a facility for testing, product development and educational activities in collaboration with producers and vendors of intelligent HVAC installations for buildings.

But why do we need such a test facility? Daniel’s talk will give us some perspective to the importance of such IoT test facilities and how test results can be a major factor in furthering research as well as product development.

Former Danish Minister of Climate and Energy, Lykke Friis, will moderate the Nordic / Chinese conference “Smart Energy in a Smart City Context”, where Seluxit CEO, Daniel Lux, will participate in a panel debate.

The conference, to be held in Aalborg the 11 of June, is organized to coincide with House of Energy’s Annual Meeting. House of Energy is the Danish energy cluster for sustainable energy technologies, connecting various actors with an interest in energy.

The topic for the panel is the importance of ICT in energy solutions, where Seluxit has had a prominent role over the years, both through involvement with private business initiatives as well as European and nationally funded research projects.

Exposure to higher levels of CO2 affects your body in way that is comparable to the effects of alcohol. Seluxit CEO, Daniel Lux, presents this comparison in a recently published article on medium.com.

CO2 is, of course, highly topical, though mostly with regards to climate change. CO2 levels in our homes and offices is also relevant, and there is a connection between the macro and micro levels. The underlying premise in both cases is that levels of CO2 should be reduced (and that IoT technology plays a role in doing so).

Seluxit recently participated in the inaugural meeting of a newly formed IoT security advisory board. The invitation to participate came from the coalition of selected GTS institutes: Alexandra Institute, FORCE Technology and DBI.

The advisory board, a small group of representatives from private companies and branch organizations, serves as a reference group for two related projects, “Strengthening of Danish IoT Security” and “CIDI (Cybersecure IoT in Danish Industry)”. The former project addresses the emerging landscape of cyber-security standardization. The later project focuses on helping Danish companies take a leading position in the market for secure smart products.

As an IoT solutions provider with experience in high-requirement projects such as smart-meter radio modules, Seluxit’s in-depth expertise in cybersecurity permeates each of our projects. We have a common interest with the advisory board to bring a better common understanding to the dialogue, leading to more clarity to the implementation of secure solutions, both in Denmark and beyond.

Data is key for minimizing costs and maximizing uptime in a production line. Vibrations, noises, changes in the pattern of energy use, and other factors can tell you an untold story.

Collecting this data is often a manual process due to the complexity of a production line, but it doesn’t have to be that complex. Retrofitting external sensors in a modular fashion is a effective and straightforward approach. Seluxit’s hardware offerings, directly integrated to Seluxit’s cloud and your ERP, in collaboration with our partners, makes the process fast, secure and hassle free.

This was the essence of the message that Seluxit brought to an interested group of professionals in the Food and Industry beverage in the recent Dynaway Food & Beverage Forum in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

What is this machine and what value can it gain by being connected to the Internet? The audience attending the IT-forum event “Next Generation Internet of Things”, a part of IWDK (Internet Week Denmark), had a couple of minutes to share their thoughts with their neighbors before the answers were revealed.

Seluxit Project Manager, Brian Boyles, then presented the results of Seluxit’s work together with Fremco. The machine’s function?... a fiber-blowing machine that allows empty tubes to be filled with Internet fiber. The value of IoT?... an improved and more cost effective user interface, predictive maintenance, opportunities to charge in a leasing model (machine-as-a-service), and better operator performance with the prospect of automatic operation.

This is just one example of how a product can be transformed by capturing its usage data and applying it to multiple product improvements. As companies continue to realize the value that can be unlocked and improve their product offerings in ways that save ressources, we’re all taking a step in the right direction.

Seluxit’s Jakob Mainz, Industrial PhD, Philosophy of Ethics, is published in today’s Politiken (national Danish newspaper).

“Your robot vacuum cleaner can be an accomplice in a robbery, your electricity meter can reveal, that your husband is having an affair.” This introduction makes clear the potential stakes and ethical questions raised in Jakob’s article.

Because Seluxit helps its customers produce connected products, we need to navigate such ethical questions that arise from IoT products and the ownership and use of their data. That’s why Seluxit hired Jakob to face the questions from an enlightened perspective. If we are aware of the potentially negative aspects that can arise as a result of our work, we can better ensure that our contribution leads to value and benefits the products’ stakeholders.

Seluxit has just welcomed two strong, new profiles to our growing team.

Hardware Engineer, Anders B. Jørgensen, joins us from Sky-Watch, where he worked on hardware for drones. Anders has also previously worked for Texas Instruments and Ericsson. Anders will focus on developing the hardware components that securely connect our customers’ products to the Internet.

Technical Project Manager, Mads Kronborg Agesen, joins us from Intelligent Systems, leading automated-logistic-solutions projects, e.g. for baggage handling in airports. Mads has previously worked at Aalborg University and Alfa Laval. Mads will play a key role in managing projects that bring our customers’ connected solutions to the market.

seluxit hardware engineer technical project manager

Seluxit CEO, Daniel Lux, has been voted onto the Membership Board of BrainsBusiness, the regional ICT cluster. The board was appointed at the annual general meeting the 30 April.

Seluxit has been a BrainsBusiness member for a number of years, participating and presenting in many of the numerous events that BrainsBusiness has organized through the years. As a board member, Daniel will help ensure that the coming offerings are relevant for businesses, as well as educational institutions, in Northern Denmark.

brainsbusiness seluxit board

Seluxit CEO, Daniel Lux, and Sales Director, Jesper Frank, will be presenting at the Dynaway Food & Beverage Forum the 7-8 of May, 2019.

The event will be held at the well-known craft brewery Bell’s in Kalamazoo, Michigan and is organized by Dynaway. Dynaway is a certified Microsoft Dynamics partner focusing on Enterprise Asset Management and Manufacturing Execution, whose software is used by corporations all over the world.

Seluxit will explain how Seluxit with its IoT solutions is game changer for the food & beverage industry, helping connect and optimize processes to automate maintenance resulting in increased uptime. In addition, Seluxit will illustrate how IoT can be used in the actual products themselves to improve the user experience and provide data for product improvements.


The result are increasing efficiency, saving costs, and creating new data-driven revenue streams.

Seluxit receives the third order for IoT technology for Smart Meters from an existing customer, who supplies Smart Meters in Germany. Seluxit is adjusting the expectations for revenue for the financial year 2018/2019 and maintains expectations for profit before tax.

Seluxit cooperates with several large Smart Meter manufacturers in Germany. One of these manufacturers has just issued an additional order. The size of this order is approx. DKK 3 million of which more than half is expected to be delivered in the current financial year 2018/2019.

Seluxit is adjusting the expectations for revenue for 2018/2019 from DKK 12 million in the budget to DKK 15 million. Expectations for profit before tax is maintained at DKK -6 million.

CEO Daniel Lux, Seluxit:

“The establishment in the Smart Meter segment is strategically important for our business. We are really pleased with our good working relationships with highly professional Smart Meter manufacturers in Germany, where we share the goal of delivering a significant share of Smart Meters to the German market. Delivery of IoT technology for Smart Meters is one of our primary focus areas, as it forms the basis for increasing the proportion of recurring revenue for Seluxit, through data on our IoT platform.

We expect a higher proportion of hardware sales where we handle the production, compared to the budgeted, and this influences our expectations of revenue.

With this order, we have chosen to adjust our expectations for the revenue expectations announced by Seluxit in the company description of 18 October 2018 for the financial year 2018/19, while we maintain the expectations for the result.

Expectations to revenue is adjusted to DKK 15 million. (budget DKK 12 million).
Expectations to profit before tax is maintained on the budgeted -6 DKK million.”

Read the press release here.

What’s the effect of CO2 on cognitive function, and what does that have to do with IoT and UN’s Sustainable Development Goals? Seluxit CEO, Daniel Lux, will shed light on the subject today in Copenhagen at a VL group meeting (Danish Society of Business Leaders).

Seluxit’s business activities support many of the UN Sustainable Development Goals close to home, but it is especially the Climate Action goal that Seluxit contributes to at a global level, particularly in the Smart Meter segment. Beyond this, Daniel Lux’ initiative “CO2 brains” has a goal of helping businesses make their workforce more productive by capturing CO2 in work environments, thereby activating latent incentives of private actors to help reduce atmospheric CO2 levels.

un sustainable development goals co2 brains

Jesper Frank employed as Sales Director in Seluxit starting on 1st of April 2019.

CEO, Daniel Lux:

”There has been high interest in the position and we have talked to several really exciting and good candidates. We are very happy to get Jesper Frank in the team and have great confidence that he can contribute to realizing our growth strategy. Jesper is an energetic person with extensive experience, strategic as well as operational, and he sees a huge potential in IoT. He has great international experience in growth markets and strategic technology project sales in Scandinavia, Europe and the USA and looks forward to working in a market with high growth rates. Jesper also has several years of experience with recurring revenue models, including SaaS (Software as a Service). We look forward to the cooperation.”

Sales Director, Jesper Frank:

”I look forward to becoming a part of a strong team at Seluxit, who is facing a very exciting journey where technology leadership, growth and further internationalization are in focus. There is a great growth potential within IoT solutions, and this, combined with the fact that Seluxit has invested heavily in the development of a future-oriented IoT platform for many years, is enormously exciting and motivating. Together with the other Seluxit employees, I look forward to develop and commercialize Seluxit's great potential”.

Update 25/3: article on Nordjyske (in Danish).

Seluxit has entered into an agreement with a large distributor of electronics components, on the delivery of radio modules for Smart Meters. First delivery gives a turnover of approx. DKK 3.5 million

CEO Daniel Lux, Seluxit:

“We are really happy to have made an agreement with a distributor of electronics components that deliver worldwide. It enhances our ability to scale sales of standardized modules for IoT solutions. The majority of the order is expected to be delivered during the financial year 2019/20 and is expected to generate a turnover of approx. DKK 3.5 million. We hereby expand our role as supplier of the Internet of Things to Smart Meters. The order does not change the sales and profit expectations announced by Seluxit in the company description of 18 October 2018 for the financial year 2018/19/19.”

Read the press release here.

Seluxit IoT technology to Smart Meters

Seluxit CEO, Daniel Lux, will be speaking on the topic of creating value through data-driven business models, and the increasingly important role of edge computing, neural networks and machine learning towards this pursuit. The talk will be given at the upcoming IPEC event in Nuremberg, Germany.

IPEC (Integrated Plant Engineering Conference), to be held the 13 of March, will focus on topic of edge analytics. Daniel’s talk, entitled “Data driven business models: how to sell your industrial machine as a service and make sure that your grandmother is okay”, reinforces the important message that connected products offerings only make sense when data can be properly monetized, and this can only happen if use cases create genuine value for the users.

Fog and edge computing are value enablers and their importance will be addressed in Daniel’s talk.

edge computing neural networks machine learning seluxit data-driven business models

Seluxit has just returned from a successful Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, forging numerous new business relationships.

New relationships were forged (and existing relations strengthened) through exhibiting, speaking and through numerous meetings both planned and impromptu. The Seluxit stand was at the Danish Pavilion and was well visited, as was CEO, Daniel Lux's talk "Convert IoT Data to Cash".

The topic of data monetization is important, as connected products offerings only make sense when data can be properly monetized, and this can only happen if use cases create genuine value for the users. Representatives from automotive companies and mobile network operators were among those that responded favorably to the message.

Daniel's presentation can be downloaded at our mwc19 campaign page.

convert iot data to cash mwc19

Seluxit’s half year report shows a result, as expected, strongly influenced by the IPO process. The expectations for the entire financial year 2018/2019 are maintained.

CEO Daniel Lux, Seluxit:

"During the first half of the financial year 2018/2019, a significant focus has been on IPO. It has been an incredibly exciting and educative process, which of course has required a considerable allocation of resources, but it has also made Seluxit ready for growth. The listing has furthermore contributed to raising awareness of Seluxit in the market, and we have seen strong growth in inquiries from potential customers, primarily Danish companies.

After the closing of the half year results, we have continued to follow out plan and have received 2 large orders for the Smart Meter segment, respectively. DKK 4-5 million and DKK 1.5 million, which have been communicated in Company Announcements 4 and 5.

We maintain the revenue and profit expectations for the entire financial year 2018/19, as stated in the Company Description (”Virksomhedsbeskrivelse”) published on the 18th of October 2018."

Read the press release here.

Seluxit CEO, Daniel Lux, will be presenting “Convert IoT Data to Cash” at a NEXTech Lab in Hall 8.0 at this years Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. This is the second year in a row that Daniel is speaking at MWC.

Daniel will be speaking from 15:45 - 16:15 on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the 25, 26 and 27 of February.

Seluxit will also have a stand at the event at the Danish Pavilion in Hall 6, Stand 6C50.

seluxit mwc19 mobile world congress speaking

Seluxit is looking to fill four positions as a part of our accelerated growth strategy. The positions are Sales Director, CFO, Key Account Manager and Electronics Engineer.

Read more and learn how to apply on our careers page.

seluxit it-branchen børsnotering

“This is how Seluxit garnered DKK 26 million and 1.699 new owners”

Thus starts a feature article (Danish language) published on the Danish ICT Industry Association’s website.

The profile piece goes into some depth about the ups and downs of Seluxit’s experience with the IPO process, and ends with CEO, Daniel Lux’ advice for companies that are also considering raising funds through an IPO.

seluxit it-branchen børsnotering

Seluxit has received a fresh order for delivery of IoT technology for smart meters, with a value of 1,5-2 million DKK.

CEO Daniel Lux, Seluxit:

“We are really happy to have another order with a second manufacturer of Smart Meters for the German market. This supports our position as a central supplier of IoT technology in Germany. The order is expected to be delivered in the financial year 2018/19 and is expected to generate a turnover of between DKK 1.5 and DKK 2 million. We hereby expand our position as supplier of Internet of Things solutions for Smart Meters, and we are on the way to ensuring yet another significant part of our expectation to the revenue for the current fiscal year. The order does not change the turnover and profit expectations announced by Seluxit in the ‘Company Description’ of 18 October 2018 for the financial year 2018/2019.”

Read the press release here.

seluxit e-world energy

Seluxit will be exhibiting at E-World in Essen, Germany from the 5-7 of February, 2019. With a major project underway with innogy, we at Seluxit are excited to demonstrate how we can help companies create value though Internet of Things.

Seluxit will engage in new dialogues with smart-meter manufacturers, utility companies and other energy service providers to discuss how Seluxit can help them cut costs, increase revenue and deliver real value from energy-usage data.

Seluxit has answers to how meter manufacturers can best move forward with smart metering, and how utilities and other energy service providers can give and get value from their customers' personal energy-usage data.

seluxit e-world energy

After a downwards trend, the stock is rebounding after news of a new order.

Everything is going according to plan, Seluxit can confirm.

CEO Daniel Lux, Seluxit:

“One often sees that newly listed companies experience a dip in the beginning, and it has in general been a bad period in the stock market, but we have been a bit upset about it. We can see that the IPO has given us new customers, and we know that everything is going according to plan, and that we will achieve the goals that we have set for ourselves. But people don’t know us, so perhaps we need to be better at explaining who we are.”

Read the article in Nordjyske (Danish Language).

seluxit it-branchen børsnotering

Seluxit has received an order for delivery of IoT technology for smart meters, with a value of 4-5 million DKK.

CEO Daniel Lux, Seluxit:

“Since our IPO, we have focused on delivering the results, which we have described in our growth plan. We are now happy to announce that we have received an order from one of Seluxit's existing customers for delivery of IoT technology for Smart Meters. A significant part of the order is expected to be delivered during the fiscal year 2018/2019 and the order is expected to generate a turnover between 4 and 5 million DKK. With this order we are continuing to build our position as a key vendor of IoT for Smart Meters, and we are one step further in securing our expected turnover for the coming year."

Read the press release here

seluxit e-world energy

When it comes to energy-usage data, making money from the data is all about delivering real value through data-driven business models.

Seluxit has answers to how utilities can give and get value from their customers' personal energy-usage data. From the 5-7 of February, 2019 in Essen, Germany, Seluxit will be ready to share our approach, already underway with our customer, Innogy.

seluxit e-world energy

Seluxit CEO, Daniel Lux, gave a talk at the "Iot i Praksis" (IoT in practice) event held by the technology cluster, BrainsBusiness in Aalborg the 27th of November.

The event addressed the growing number of companies that have IoT on their agendas in one for or another. Daniel explained how IoT opens up for data-driven business models through examples from Seluxit's own activities for our clients.

Consider an example of a utility company and their customers. The utility company finds the fine-grained smartmeter data in the possession of the consumers attractive. But the data is in the consumers possession. The consumers are unlikely to find small payments interesting. However, new services based on their data could be attractive, for example an alarm or perhaps elderly monitoring. In the illustration here, we can see the value created by exchanging data and money. The utility gets their data, the consumers get an alarm application, and the utilities AI vendor gets payment.

seluxit lars løkke

Seluxit joined a select group of 30 Danish companies including Novo Nordisk and NETS at the Smart Country Conference in Berlin the 20 - 22 November in Berlin.

Danish Prime Minister, Lars Løkke Rasmussen, was at the head of the delegation. Seluxit serves as an example of a Danish-German collaboration success story. Read a summary in English in this article on stateofgreen.com.

seluxit lars løkke

Friday the 9th of November at 9:00, the Nasdaq Copenhagen opening bell was rung at Seluxit's office in Aalborg, marking the first day of trade of Seluxit stock.

The party — replete with champagne, cake and confetti — was attended by an enthusiastic group of investors and friends and was covered by local news, TV2 Nord in an article and accompanying TV spot (in Danish).

See also this article from the Aalborg local newspaper, Nordjyske (in Danish).

Below is an image from Nasdaq headquarters at Four Times Square, New York, where Seluxit was welcomed on the big screen. Seluxit stock, with the short name SLXIT, can be followed on the Nasdaq website.

seluxit gardena case

Jakob Thrane Mainz, working on an Industrial PhD at Seluxit (Philosophy) on the topic of Ethics, has recently published an op-ed in the Danish newspaper, Information.

The Op-Ed (in Danish) took on the question of whether society should eschew all forms of surveillance because certain surveillance seems clearly problematic. Taking concrete examples in proposed initiatives have been topical in Danish politics, Jakob considers the ethics of surveillance and compares it to some of the Seluxit's initiatives.

seluxit information jakob thrane mainz

The Danish ICT Industry Association (IT-Branchen) cites the Gardena Smart System case as illustrative of IoT value.

It can be difficult to know how IoT can bring new value. IT-branchen has recently pointed to the Seluxit Gardena case, as a good example in a new article on their website

seluxit gardena case

The results of Seluxit’s IPO on Nasdaq First North Copenhagen: an almost 42% oversubscription.

The results were announced in official press announcements containing details in Danish and in English.

The results were also covered by the Danish press, such as this article in Børsen.

seluxit nasdaq overtegnet

Daniel Lux, Seluxit CEO, had a chance to tell the story of Seluxit on a more personal level on the podcast, "Iværksætter Historier" (Entrepreneur Stories), recorded at the TechBBQ in Copenhagen.

In the podcast (in Danish) you can hear more about why only one person has quit in Seluxit's history, why Daniel sees interns as the perfect recruiting pool, and the case of the deranged customer.

seluxit iværksætter podcast

Seluxit i millionærklubben 31 oktober 2018.

"Vi er bedre end Amazon til Internet of Things." siger Seluxit CEO, Daniel Lux, i interview med Børsen Play, hvor han fortæller om den igangværende børsnotering på Nasdaq First North.

Seluxit’s tech is featured and on display today and tomorrow at the German Metering Days trade fair, together with innogy.

The Metering Days trade fair takes place the 23 and 24/10 at the Hotel Esperanto in Fulda, Germany. Seluxit is featured together together with Lemonbeat and three well-know electricity meter producers in the innogy solution being rolled out now. Seluxit provides the radio technology and IoT Platform.

seluxit smart meter tech innogy

Seluxit has just published a timetable and more detailed information on the upcoming IPO.

The timetable for the IPO process, investor meeting dates, investor brochure, company description as well as videos about our IPO as well as how you subscribe for shares during the IPO are all new additions to our investors page at seluxit.com/investors, available also in english translation at seluxit.com/investors/investors-eng/.

seluxit ipo investors page

The leading Danish business newspaper, Børsen, picked up on a the excitement of Seluxit's upcoming IPO with a provocative headline.

Seluxit CEO Daniel Lux's words in the headline of the article (in Danish): "We have a very innovative solution in an alpha phase right now, where I'd think we were a year and a half ahead of both Apple and Amazon."

But the article also paints a picture of an economically sound company with a solid growth plan.

seluxit boersen article

Seluxit CEO, Daniel Lux, has been called on to share his expertise on the topic of 5G and the Smart Grid at the upcoming Tele2018 event the 24th of October in Copenhagen.

The event is hosted by the Danish Chamber of Commerce (Dansk Ervherv).

5G for most is synonymous with markedly faster connections, but 5G also encompasses a series of new slower-speed connections including NB-IoT and LTE-M. Both aspects of 5G have their application in IoT in general, and Daniel Lux will speak of the specific application to the smart-grid context, which is one of Seluxit’s main strategic focus areas.

seluxit finansdk

Seluxit’s coming IPO has drawn interest from the press, both in Denmark and abroad.

An article in Finans.dk (in Danish) gives a resume of Seluxit’s aims with floating the company, highlighting the effect the IPO will have on solidifying the Seluxit name. The IPO will serve as an further assurance to existing and coming customers that the already 12-year old company is not just a flash in the pan.

Michael Friis Jørgensen, Chief Analyst for the Danish insurance and finance company, Alm. Brand, can concur with the reasoning while cautioning that doubt about the security of the data Seluxit handles could lead to punishment by the market, as was the case for the American iRobot.

The Seluxit ITF story was also picked up, notably, by the Swedish press, as this article in vafinans.se.

seluxit finansdk seluxit vafinansse

Together with Kamstrup, Uggerly, and 9 other selected companies, Seluxit will join a series researchers in a smarthome pilot project led by the Department of Management of Aarhus University.

The project aims to develop knowledge and tools to assist producers and suppliers to Smart Homes in developing digital business models, new sales and marketing strategies, management and finding a new role in a digital ecosystem. The ambition is to strengthen SMVs in the Danish building and Smart Home industries. The pilot project with the 12 participating companies will help shape a later offering with the aim to spread relevant knowledge to 100 companies.

Seluxit will be participating as an expert in providing IoT solutions to companies interested in making smart home products.

The project lasts from 2018 to 2020 and is supported by the Danish Industry Foundation and the Alexandra Institute.

For more information, read the article on dr.dk (in Danish) or on Aarhus University's website (with a resume available in English).

seluxit smarthome project au

Seluxit has just issued an “intention to float” press release, announcing the company’s plan for an initial public offering on Nasdaq First North Copenhagen.

Why now? The answer is the combination of a growing market, where Seluxit enjoys past and current success, coinciding with the strength and maturity of Seluxit’s offer. In order to seize this opportunity, Seluxit needs funding. The proceeds from the IPO will primarily be used for building a professional sales process, in addition to continual investment in the Seluxit’s technology.

Read the announcement here on Nasdaqs homepage in Danish or in English.

seluxit ipo nasdaq first north copenhagen

Seluxit CEO, Daniel Lux, was at TechBBQ 2018, talking pros and cons of early-stage IPOs together with a panel including Carsten Borring, Head of Listings & Capital Market, Nasdaq. Seluxit is doing an IPO first now, after 12 profitable years without an infusion of outside capital.

At the TechBBQ event, Daniel conveyed Seluxit's position. Already a success, and therefore in a position of strength, now is the time for Seluxit to raise capital to lift the bar and reach the next stage of growth - considering signs of accelerated growth in the IoT market, Seluxit’s history of success and unfair advantage, together with a grounded growth plan.

seluxit techbbq nasdaq

Seluxit is on the EC's elite Innovation Radar, an initiative supported by the European Commission focusing on the identification of high-potential innovations and the key innovators behind them in FP7, CIP and Horizon 2020 projects.

In conjunction with Seluxit's Innovation Radar status, we were invited to participate in the EIC Innovator's Summit 2018, the Innovation Kitchen.

casek fet innovation launchpad

Danish Foreign Minister, Ander Samuelsen, presented the VITUS-prize on 11 September at the Danish Export Day. Seluxit was among three finalists.

Seluxit extends a warm congratulations to the winner of the prize, Blue-Line.

The VITUS program is an elite export program run by the Trade Council of the Danish Foreign Ministry. The program’s purpose is to help small and medium-sized enterprises to accelerate growth in their chosen export markets, which in Seluxit’s case was Germany.

Seluxit has a longstanding history of success in Germany, that was further solidified during the project period, which included a €200.000 contract, as well as an order for 30.000 smartmeter radio modules.

More information can be seen on the Trade Councils web site (Danish)

seluxit anders samuelssen robot iot odense

The Danish Prime Minister, Lars Løkke Rasmussen, will lead a Danish delegation to the Smart Country Convention to be held in Berlin the 20 November. Seluxit serve as a primary example of a Danish-German collaboration success story.

The message in a nutshell: Germany is hungry for Danish technology and know-how as they continue to strive for optimizing processes through digitization.

More information is available on the Danish Foreign Ministry homepage (Danish) as well as on ITWatch (Danish).

seluxit lars løkke rasmussen smart country berlin