Another Smart Home Order

smart meter order

Seluxit has delivered a full IoT solution with electronics, App and a Dashboard for environmentally friendly and high-tech wood pellet stoves, which came on the market in the autumn of 2020. The market introduction has gone really well, which means that Seluxit has now received a new significant order for the upcoming production of pellet stoves.

CEO Daniel Lux, Seluxit:

“Renewing your product with IoT offers huge potential. The servicing of the product becomes more targeted, you learn how the customers use the product and in the end, it opens up the possibility of selling your product as a service. In addition, you can achieve a closer customer relationship by correcting errors or offering new functionality for installed devices according to the customer’s wishes. ”

This order does not change the previously announced expectations for the current financial year.

Written by Daniel Lux