Another Big Order for Seluxit Smart Meter Tech


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Seluxit has received a fresh order for delivery of IoT technology for smart meters, with a value of 1,5-2 million DKK.

CEO Daniel Lux, Seluxit:

“We are really happy to have another order with a second manufacturer of Smart Meters for the German market. This supports our position as a central supplier of IoT technology in Germany. The order is expected to be delivered in the financial year 2018/19 and is expected to generate a turnover of between DKK 1.5 and DKK 2 million. We hereby expand our position as supplier of Internet of Things solutions for Smart Meters, and we are on the way to ensuring yet another significant part of our expectation to the revenue for the current fiscal year. The order does not change the turnover and profit expectations announced by Seluxit in the ‘Company Description’ of 18 October 2018 for the financial year 2018/2019.”

Read the press release here.

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