Annual Report 19/20

Seluxit presents an annual report, demonstrating the ability to deliver on revenue and result – while creating an interesting pipeline of products for future growth.

CEO Daniel Lux:

“Some of the results which our dedicated staff and great partners have created and which I would like to highlight are:

  • 175.000 delivered radio modules for Smart Meters to the German market
  • SLX Heartbeat, a new product to monitor heart starters was developed and first installations were made in collaboration with our partners
  • Rapid Prototyping Kit – launch of our standard development tools and a webshop where these can be bought directly
  • A growth in revenue by 17% despite a challenging second half of the fiscal year

The goal for 2019/20 was to create business visibility in the market, grow our business and develop new valuable IoT solutions to the market. We have achieved these goals.”

Read the press release here.

Written by Daniel Lux