Executing a common vision

seluxit ceo
Daniel Lux


Daniel Lux is CEO of Seluxit, co-founder and co-owner with 50% ownership. Daniel has a Masters degree in Computer Science with a focus on Artificial Intelligence. Born in Germany, educated in the Netherlands, and residing in Denmark, Daniel's outlook is distinctively international. Aside from extensive technical expertise and attention to detail down the stack, Daniel is especially engaged with high-level IoT concerns such as security policies and device interoperability. Daniel is a member of the IETF IoT Directorate and also author of several patents.

seluxit cto
Morten Pagh Frederiksen


Morten Pagh Frederiksen is CTO of Seluxit, co-founder and co-owner with 50% ownership. Morten's expertise lies especially with hardware. Morten has a degree in electronics engineering from the University of Southern Denmark.

seluxit lead developer
Andreas Bomholtz

Lead Developer

Andreas Bomholtz, who has the double distinction of being Lead Developer and the first employee of Seluxit, is resposible for Seluxit's software architecture and a member of the board. Andreas' areas of concern range widely from embedded devices to wireless protocols to backends and databases all the way up to HTML frontends and JavaScript. This breadth belies the depth of his knowledge and productivity. Andreas has a Masters in Computer Science from Aalborg Universtity.