Internet of Things

From light bulbs to lawnmowers, more and more devices can be controlled from your mobile phone.

This technology is called the Internet of Things or IoT.

We’ve helped our customers connect their products to the Internet since 2006.

seluxit end-to-end iot solutions
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1. The Product

You have the product, we help add “connectivity”

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2. Data collection

We save your data, securely and with fine-grained sharing settings

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3. Control

Control your product from your PC, table or smartphone

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4. Insight

Develop your intelligent product with new functions

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5. Operation

We maintain the whole solution on our IoT platform for a low, transparent price


Seluxit IoT Solutions

Our IoT approach is that our solutions should be as easy as possible for our customers and partners, but advanced enough to enable continuous product improvement. We help our customers all the way from idea to a new product to a market-ready product.

Turnkey solutions

At Seluxit we have a holistic approach to IoT. That means that we don’t only focus on one part of the problem, but are along for the entire journey together with our customers – from ideation to the technical specification, to development, industrialization, as well as operations and maintenance.

This approach is central in allowing us to always implement our projects on-time, on-budget and to high-quality standards.

Most IoT companies develop specific solutions from project to project, from customer to customer. Our competitive advantage is that we do all of our solution on one common platform. That ensures that our customers’ solutions are continuously monitored, maintained and further developed.

At the same time we lower our own development costs and reduce the amount of time that we need to use for any given project. That’s why we almost without exception are able to deliver a fully functioning prototype in 14 days.