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IoT Solutions

IoT is complex, but Seluxit makes it easy for you. Lower your risk and reduce your time-to-market: our secure IoT infrastructure gives you everything you need for your IoT solution.


Unlike some IoT companies that just do device engineering or cloud solutions, Seluxit does it all. From flexible prototyping to deployment at scale, Seluxit has your recipe for IoT success.

Open System

Our unified data model makes integration a standard procedure. Once an asset is integrated with our well documented REST API, all Seluxit solutions can benefit. Data storage on Microsoft Azure and integration with Amazon Alexa? Not a problem.


When you use Seluxit's IoT infrastructure, you're automatically secured, from tamper-proof hardware to respecting your customers' privacy and everything in between.

Fully Managed

Focus on your core business and let us worry about keeping things running smoothly. We will make sure you always get the latest updates and have access to the newest features.

Future facing

Technology doesn't stand still, and your IoT solution shouldn't either. Since our founding in 2006, we've been fully dedicated to IoT. With Seluxit, you're always riding the right wave.

Satisfied customers

Large companies from diverse segments trust Seluxit for their IoT needs.

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Our global IoT Infrastructure

Seluxit-powered gateways online:

Average monthly events:
7,7 billion

Average monthly data traffic:
29 TB

* Each gateway collects data locally from multiple devices