We connect things to the internet to optimize systems and save resources.

500 000+ devices

Seluxit-powered products and sensors on our IoT platform

>7 billion transactions

Monthly messages and actions from devices on our IoT platform

93 countries

With IoT devices connected to the Seluxit IoT platform

99,98% availability

The Seluxit IoT platform has less than 1 hour of downtime per year

Seluxit EMS

Seluxit offers an energy management system for scheduled automation, remote control, and recurring automatic reporting to track your energy-saving progress.

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Reduce energy waste

up to 30% reduction in energy consumption

charge when cheapest

Use energy when cheapest

up to 50% reduction in price

reduce carbon footprint

Reduce carbon footprint

up to 40% reduction on carbon footprint

grid flexibility

Grid flexibility

up to 10% of revenue as a Virtual Battery

Our Services


Platform as a Service



energy management system

Energy Management System



reference code

Reference Code

Wappsto Cloud Solution – transform faster with one platform.


Wappsto comes with a variety of integrated services: weather, energy prices, calendars, smart home appliances, etc.


Build logic that fits your needs and make intelligent automation.


Gain insights through advanced data visualizations and algorithms.

What we can do for you

We set you up for success with your IoT-enabled solution. We can advise about business models that work. We know what technology fits your requirements, and we offer a stable, secure, and scalable platform that your programmers can quickly start using today.

energy management system

Seluxit EMS (Energy Management System)



Before you start development, it is essential to understand your solution’s value proposition. We have a broad knowledge of value propositions, pitfalls, and do’s and don’ts. We offer consulting services to help you define the IoT project that will deliver results for you.



Using existing building blocks saves a substantial amount of time and cost and, at the same time, produces a more mature and stable solution. We have hardware and software building blocks with a proven track record to plug directly into your development project.


Platform as a Service

Once your solution hits the market, a fully managed platform ensures a good user experience by offering high availability and security. Outsourcing the operation of your IoT solution frees up resources in your organization and enables them to focus on your core business.

reference code

Reference Code

Our reference code can give your development department an excellent starting point and enables them to deliver fully functional prototypes in no time. We have open-source reference code for devices, native apps as well as web-apps.

IoT Process

How we work

Are you interested in working with us? Our team employs an agile method that ensures a safe yet flexible development process. Our process has a proven track record and produces results.

News from Seluxit

IoT Project Cases

Smart Home — Aduro

Smart Home — Aduro

A connected pellet stove that increases comfort and ensures continues operation by enabling Aduro to give a better service.

Smart Garden – Gardena

Smart Garden – Gardena

Connecting three garden products including a robot lawnmower to the Internet, enabling app-based monitoring, control and automation.

Smart Meters – Innogy

Smart Meters – Innogy

A residential smart-meter system allows Innogy to reduce costs and generate revenue through new data-driven business models.

Why choose Seluxit for your IoT solution?

You don’t need 10 data tools to build a robust, scalable, and modern data stack. Our 5th generation platform has all the features you need to centralize, clean, and leverage your data. Our Wappsto platform includes everything you need.

Faster time-to-market

seluxit no-code platform

Better Bottom Line

product life cycle

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

seluxit no-code platform vs own-hosted